Comitê da Cultura de Paz e Não Violência


“Do not allow anyone make you stoop so low as to feel hatred”


Last January 15th Dr Martin Luther would have been 90 years old. His assassination, at the young age of 39, did not manage to hold back the mobilization pull of his message, as still today we feel worldwide repercussions pushing for structural social transformation.

He was certainly the most successful political activist of the XX century, for in little longer than a decade of non-violent struggle, boycotts and marches that were joined by thousands of people and most of the press, the African-Americans in the United States won the right to vote, the end of racial segregation, the strong rejection of any discrimination at work and in the use of public equipment – The Civil Rights Act (1964) and the Voting Rights Act (1965) came into force.

His ideals and unique activism of principles and results made him the youngest person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1964).

However prejudice still lingers and there is still discrimination. To eradicate them is the purpose and aspiration of these Culture and Peace and Non-Violence Forums.



Showing of the NASHVILLE-We Were Warriors, episode of the documentary A More Powerful Force – a century of non-violent conflict, written and directed by Steve York, with subtitles and shown on the GNT channel

Madelina M. Young-Smith
Cultural Attaché of the American Consulate in São Paulo
Egberto de Almeida Penido
Judge and coordinator of Restorative Justice at the Escola Paulista de Magistratura

Luther King Choir – under the direction of Maestro Martinho Lutero Galati
Program: “I have a dream – music and resistance”




April 2, 2019 • Tuesday • 7 pm
Venue: Sesc Theatre Vila Mariana
Rua Pelotas, 141 – Vila Mariana, São Paulo – SP

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Ana Rosa Subway (750 m) Paraíso Subway (1000 m)

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from any one of the SESC units (except Interlagos, Itaquera and Parque D.Pedro II)