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The Journal of Peace Research celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2014.  To mark this occasion, we are delighted to offer you 50 days of free access to the complete JPR archive.








50th Anniversary Issue now available online



Read the latest Special Issue, dedicated to commemorating the 50th anniversary and then browse the rich and diverse JPR archive. Simply click on the article headings below to access the content directly:

Guest Editors: Halvard Buhaug & Jack S Levy – Introduction

Peace Research – Just the study of war?
Nils Petter Gleditsch, Jonas Nordkvelle & Håvard Strand

Democracy and armed conflict
Håvard Hegre

Peace through globalization and capitalism? Prospects of two liberal propositions
Gerald Schneider

Territory and war
Monica Duffy Toft

Ethnicity and civil war
Elaine K Denny & Barbara F Walter

Do natural resources matter for inter- and intrastate armed conflict?
Vally Koubi, Gabrielle Spilker, Tobias Böhmelt & Thomas Bernauer

Ideology in civil war: Instrumental adoption and beyond
Francisco Gutiérrez Sanín & Elisabeth Jean Wood

The economic cost of military conflict
Ron P Smith

Talking peace: International mediation in armed conflicts
Peter Wallensteen & Isak Svensson

The analytical study of terrorism: Taking stock
Todd Sandler

A social science of human rights
Emilie M Hafner-Burton

Seven deadly sins of contemporary quantitative political analysis
Philip A Schrodt

Data and progress in peace and conflict research
Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, Nils W Metternich & Andrea Ruggeri



Celebrating JPR’s 50th anniversary at the ISA Conference, Toronto



Attending the International Studies Association 2014 Conference in Toronto, Canada (March 26th-29th)? Don’t miss the exciting events we have lined up.  Here are some dates for your diary:

Presidential Roundtable: Globalization, Geopolitics and War: Celebrating Journal of Peace Research at 50 (Thursday 27th March, 8:15am, Sheraton C, Sheraton Centre, Toronto)
Roundtable:Chair Henrik Urdal (PRIO), Gerald Schneider (University of Konstanz), Jack S. Levy (Rutgers University), Monica Duffy Toft (University of Oxford), Scott Gates (PRIO and Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Vally Koubi (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, University of Bern) and Jack A. Goldstone (George Mason University) Isak Svensson (Uppsala University).

Journal of Peace Research Wine Reception
Wednesday 26th March, 7-8pm, Willow East, Sheraton Centre, Toronto



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